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Please note, you are providing information for publication on the Queensland Government's oneplace community services directory and Infoxchange Service Seeker national directory, so don't give us anything you don't want made public.

If you are wanting to add services to multiple sites, send your request directly to [email protected].

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An agency, service provider, group or practice at a physical location. Examples are City Hospital, Caring Family Support Group & Caring Medical Centre. In the case of some community groups, there may be no physical site or that a site address is confidential.

The name of the auspicing agent like a church, welfare group, hospital, health centre, educational organisation, municipal council or government department. In other words the body responsible for the site. It may be that the organisation & site name are the same. Examples are Department of Education, Mission Australia & Caring Support Group Inc.

The chief executive is the person responsible for the site/group. Examples would be CEO, manager, chairperson or president.

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Any information about parking at the site, which could include accessible parking, on-street parking, metered parking or timed parking.

Briefly describe how people can access the service by public transport, including route numbers and station names if possible.

A service is a function provided at a site. A site may have one or many services. Examples are Family Day Care, Disability Support Service & Physiotherapy.

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Please identify the categories that best describe your service (Note: this information is used to improve search results).

Child Care

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Mental health intervention services

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Service eligibility details

Any relevant criteria that clients must meet to be eligible for this service. e.g. Applicants must be 25 years old and have an active tenant number.

Any relevant criteria that clients must meet to be ineligible for this service. e.g. Applicants who do not have an active tenant number.

Service contact options

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Any criteria the client needs to meet in order to access the service such as Centrelink registration; Health Care Card holder or age requirements. Exclusions might include those with unmanaged mental illness; history of violence or perpetrators.

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